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My Dear,
I am Miss lilian Gnassingbe Eyadema, the 16 years old daughter to the late
Mr Gnassingbe Eyadema, who died of heart attack on the 5th of febuarary 2005
on a saturday. After his death, my elder brother{mr Faure Gnassingbe} , was
quickly acknowledged as the new president of my country, and till date there
are still outstanding problems and onsteady decisions if really he is going
to continue as the leader of my country, despite the outcome of the last
general elections in my country. Due to family pressure on me and my mother
who is the last wife of my late father Faure and his brothers do not want to
see me because as my fathers favourite when he was alive they see me a
having obtained much favour from my late father and just last week he asked
me to move out of the family house. It is as a result of this development
that i wish to move out immediately some funds in Europe that was lodged
into a bank there by my late father,for safe keeping and investments in your
abroad. I am seeking your trust to assist me move this funds into your
country for private investments now, and i wish that you are a trustworthy
person that can not only assist me get the funds into your country alone,
but also keep it safe for me until i come over to your country and we shall
make proper arrangements for good investments together. I expect your kind
and good response to my letter, kindly note that you have to keep this
arrangments safe and secret to avoid problems. I await your quick response.
Best regards.
Miss Lilian Gnassingbe Eyadema

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